Friday, July 09, 2010

Basics for Installing SCCM R2


Just thought i'd go through some basics for SCCM  2007 r2 during the installation.

Before installation, make sure your server has the following installed
- remote differential compression (under features)

  • -ASP.NET (for the reporting)
  • Windows authentication (for webdav)
  • Basic Authentication (not used, but needed)
- Webdav (you need to download this and install it from the MS website, its not part of 2008 server by default)
- WDS (DO NOT CONFIGURE, JUST INSTALL) (for pxe deployment, if required)

There is a whole bunch of stuff that can go wrong if you don't pre-prep your server correctly. from experience, doing the above before install, even though it verifies anyway really does help the process.

There is also configuration of IIS and webdav that will need to be done as well. there are a few great guides @ (funny title for a great website that covers not-noob stuff) as well as the microsoft documentation.
- the idea with webdav is to essentially enable it, and allow anon access. thats the concept used, anyway.

This is only a small part of the references i intend on supplying, but its a good start.