Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thank the spagetti monster for System Restore

In a nutshell, windows 7 version of backup and restore just saved me hours of rebuilding a machine. i have to say its come a long way even from vista, and is easily comparable to osx's time machine, which i also use.

i essentially lost my windows partition in my macbook pro today, and in just under an hour, my system was back up and running, including AD authentication back to the corporate domain. im guessing it either uses a ad resync command to resync the computer account password or something similiar. Not sure how much of a security risk that could be if non-domain admin were to attempt that though.

anyway, very cool program and i feel a little safer on windows 7.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thinking About doing my VCP

Hi All,

The primary land of my certifications is microsoft based. well more specifically, windows server 2008 based. i have my 640 (networking) and 6425 (AD Design) Certs and am currently working on my SA (645) overall exam to get the MCITP:SA cert.

And then the other day, something dawned on me. My first big project of the year is a ESX 3.5 rollout and virtualization of existing infrastructure. Right now, im designing the network based on general knowledge gained from white papers and an existing knowledge of how virtualization works.

But i think its time for some more official, so i went out and learnt there is a cert called a VCP - im guessing which stands for virtualization certified professional - which teaches how to install configure and diagnose ESX infrastructure 3.5

Has anybody here on this great big web actually done the VCP?

Application of the week: Evernote

Hey All,

So this is my first official tech post back on blogger, but i thought would let everybody know about an application called Evernote.it's a simple note taking program that can be installed on any x86,x64 O/S and is used for note taking, and includes the usual meta tags etc.

Where this application gets interesting is actually in its mobile apps. For iPhone and Blackberry (!); You can access your notes taken from your pc and actually create new notes, and then view them from the computer.

So in other words, if you take notes inside of this program, you can basically carry it around anywhere, which makes it fantastic for client notes or server notes etc. it is a great proggy


So go check it out!

Ok So I'm Back on Blogger

Its been about 2 years as i have been blogging on my iweb blog using my mac, but its time to go back to a non o/s based blog - there have been too many times while at work when i think of something technically good to jot down but im never on my mac partition at work!

and once im home, who wants to write about work?

//So here i am//