Monday, August 24, 2009

Wow: Cataclysm

Yes, im a dirty filthy wow player, but i love it. :)

this week i paid for the blizzcon direct stream (online) and it was quite good - you basically got all the blizzcon panels filmed and if you missed something you could go back and watch it again with no problems.

overall, a very painless experience that i would willingly pay $50 again for. it was fair priced, there was a in-game pet insentive as well.

Ozzy performed as well - new guitarist and potentially new drummer as well. they sounded pretty tight, and ozzy looked a lot better than he has since the osbournes, during which he was on medication for a brain disorder(!)

oh yeah.. and there was a minor wow expansion announced. i joke. the amount of content they are fitting the game with is essentially retooling the game and re-releasing it. quite a risky move on an already successful formula, but this is blizzard we are talking about. they havent released a bad game since the lost vikings.

personally, i look forward to /y'ing chuck norris jokes between the newly-split-by-a-giant-earthquake-and-lava barrens.

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