Friday, August 21, 2009

Vmware Fusion + RHEL = :(

Hey all,

Just spent all day wednesday converting across our physical servers over to vmware vsphere - everything went really well, apart from the linux boxes, but more on that later.

Win2k8 Dc's/dns have also been rolled out across the domain - this was because as we all know, dc's do NOT make good candidates for p2v'ed servers - as a result, new virtuals were created and AD roles migrated across to these servers. a good note here is that if you are doing such a thing, to keep in mind that there arent 3 roles you need to migrate, there are 5 - the two that trick you from the regular 3 found in the ADDS mmc are:

Domain Name Master
Schema Master

DNM can be taken from Domain names and trusts
Schema needs to be taken from the schema mmc plugin, which has to be installed by running schmmgmt.dll from the server you are moving the role from. then goto into mmc & add the "schema" plugin. then right click on the server, move roll.

Please give it at least two full replications before depromoting the old servers - this isnt a service you want to lose in any form.

Anyway, back onto the linux physical servers being converted - what the frell is with the linux support on Vsphere? i attempted to convert RHEL 4 server (no updates.. just vanilla RHEL) - the cold start CD found the operating system and i received a 100% completed job.

Apon starting the new virtual, kernel panics all over the shop. A simple google reveals that you need to run a linux rescue cd and tweek a few things. unfortunately, i couldnt do this as the rescue cd i tried to use (fedora 7, Fedora 2) were unable to find a red hat installation as a result unable to mount /mnt/sysimage.

so i'm still stuck on that server. im thinking that maybe i need the RHEL 4 rescue cd specifically, or disk 1 of the install - any insight into this would be appreciated.

it should also be noted that vsphere does support RHEL 4, and it also warns to use LSI as a SCSI controller rather than the Buslogic coontroller, as the Buslogic requires further drivers with a base O/S of RHEL 4 update 4 installed.

what a week!

it should be noted that next week im also doing the version 4 (vsphere) VCP course - hopefully i can pass on some good tips

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