Monday, August 24, 2009

the source of the redhat error - update

so it seems under further research that after a P2V of any linux machine, a rescue cd and repair install (excuse my windowish) needs to be done on the O/S to avoid that painful "kernel panic" error.

here's the catch for where i work - they dont have the media for RHEL 4 o_0

that means no rescue disk. they also have no login to the red-hat site to re d/l the file. anyone out there on the big wide net able to point me in the right direction here? should i call up redhat, or is there an alternative?

i've also tried an old fedora 2 cd - no dice. couldnt find the redhat operating system. any ideas?

edit: so, what do you do if you do get a rescue cd?

  • Get an emergency boot CD ISO for your flavor of Linux and boot the new virtual machine from it. Often you can just boot from the installation image and then enter a rescue mode. For example for Redhat, you can type “linux rescue” at the boot prompt and get into recovery mode.
  • It will search for Linux partitions and should find any you’ve restored to the machine. You’ll have the option to mount these. Do so.
  • Now, use the chroot command to change the root of the file system to the root partition. Mount any of the other partitions that you need (e.g. /boot).
  • Run kudzu to find any new devices and get rid of old ones.
  • Use mkinitrd to create a new init RAM disk. This command should work:
    /sbin/mkinitrd -v -f /boot/initrd-2.2.12-20.img 2.2.12-20
    Of course, you’ll have to substitute the right initrdname (look in /boot) and use the right version (look in/lib/modules).

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