Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mobile Carrier change.. time for a new mobile.

hey all,

not quite sure how many people read this blog let alone gain anything from it, but regardless i will continue!

my mobile contract is up next month and its time to move on from the sony ericsson k750i and its disaster of a control scheme, and also a time to move away from optus and one of their first cap plans (it was a $79 cap, for $450 worth of calls, ex gst. no sms included, no 1300 1800 numbers included.. internet was extra.. great hey)

so i gave optus a call to find out how much it would be to change carrier etc.. it's $8 for a cancellation, but they credit you back for the next month. given the service i was provided from the accounts department, i thought i would see if i could stick to optus.

my goal was simple. a good techy phone, on a cap that will give me a realistic amount of $300 of calls... and data. now data in australia is pretty bad rate wise from what i hear, compared to the asian countries or even europe.

first of all, i knew to dodge telstra like a hot coal. i have worked for a IT company under the telstra organization and the only time their plans even came close to a smaller provider like vodaphone or 3 was when it was on a staff discount plan, and even then it was still more expensive.

i've been happy with optus and their service for the entire duration of my old plan, so i thought i would give them a go. and this is where it got interesting.

i want a pda. i've seen the nokia n95 and yes while it has some nice features, it is not a smart phone and imo the symbian O/S still has a long way to go. i'm avoid Sony Ericcson like the plague, as their joystick scheme has f**ked up my navigation on my mobile for about a year and there is no way i am becoming dependant on a bad scheme again. so i decided to go down the dopod/htc path, and two phones have struck me. optus have the HTC touch, the "competitor" to the iphone, aparently. great!


and then i looked harder. only available for their business plans.

not to worry.. lets go with it anyway and see how much it is a month.. $50 extra ontop of whatever plan, even though i could go on ebay and buy one for $550 outright unlocked. fuck that.

ok lets look at the optus plans i said to myself. same deal as before, except sms etc is all included now (thank god). their flagfall seems the same as it was, i think it was like 35c per call and then 30c after. not too bad, so i took it into concideration.

now if you've been reading this from the start you know i wanted data. 3G data from optus is $12 base for 5 meg... $2 a meg.

ok.. time to look elsewhere.

so i've tried 3. ok.. $49 cap, $300 worth of everything excluding data. sounds good. cheaper flagfall of 25c and 20c after that. so its already cheaper..

i had a gander at the phones, and it is a smaller more exclusive list. the htc p3600i is the best htc they have, no touch, which is a shame, but the p3600i still gets some good reviews from cnet asia etc, so i'll go with it.

now this is where it gets interesting. for $12 on top of those things, i get 100mb (!) of data.

so a smaller provider, is actually providing a much cheaper service. it gets me a little skeptical but reading up on their websites, 3 seem to have a pretty good range in victoria and a pretty decent speed, which was upto telstra's 3g network as of this month (but i know for a fact telstra today announced the new 6mb down/1.3 mb up 3g speed for telstra users)

so in summary, it seems i am going to be going to 3 from optus, just because of the data plan. i dont really understand how a smaller carrier can have such a cheaper rate than a multi-country company.

my plan ends next month, once i have the phone i'll do a review of it and also WM6. hopefully it is better than the abomination that names itself WM5.

i have had nothing but trouble with WM5 as a system administrator. hopefully wm6 is a lot better..

and my next question is.. should i wait for an iPhone, being a mac user at home?

well, the mac user side of my brain says i should for compatability and usability reason.

the techy side of my brain, which has exposure to windows, linux and mac.. says no. why?

3rd party apps have been blocked by apple. for me, who would love to ssh into his web server and administer it on a day off instead of having to come into the office, this is the breaking point.

if the iPhone wasnt as locked down as it has been, i would definately have waited.

maybe gen2, hey?